Cyndi Love

As The Team Operations Manager, Cyndi supports the team allowing them more time to focus on getting your home sold or helping you make the right purchase decision. In addition to that, she oversees all of the everyday activities of the team including administative and sales staff. She has made it her top priority to teach her principles, motivate, and create a positive morale to ensure that the team operates in the most efficient way.

Since 1990 she has been gaining exceptional knowledge and an understanding in sales and customer relations which has helped Cyndi develop her beliefs that have shaped her successful career in Real Estate which began in 1999. "It's not about selling you, it's about HELPING you!" Cyndi is passionate about helping all of our clients by connecting with them so that we are able to properly service their needs to the best of our ability and provide a smooth journey through their home Selling and Buying process.

Raised in Hamilton and Stoney Creek Cyndi is currently residing in Grimsby with her three sons where she has fallen in love with her growing community. In her spare time she fully enjoys sharing time with her family, close friends and her loving pets.

Client Testimonials for Cyndi...

...Above and beyond our expectations...

"You both have gone above and beyond our expectations and we may not know all the Realtors out there but we know a lot of people and you both are true blue good people, ones that really care about others and you are each rare finds, we feel lucky to have found you. Thank you so much for everything. Once we are settled you’ll have to come for a visit!""

- Paul & Antonella, Stoney Creek

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