Shelley Baker-Gracie

A passion to succeed, strong business ethics and an unwavering commitment to excellence is what has guided Shelley through her career in Real Estate which began in 1998. Building relationships and earning the trust of clients as a result of her exceptional personalized customer service are all part of the service you can expect to receive. She believes in always putting the client's needs first.

Shelley worked as a nurse for 12 years before becoming a Realtor. Patience, compassion for difficult situations and active listening are the skills that bridge these two diverse careers. She has also developed strong relationships with multiple home builders throughout the years and has expansive knowledge on the new home buying and building process. A zest for design and decor had her acquire her ASP designation (Accredited Staging Professionals) to offer a higher level of service to her clients.

She is currently residing in Winona in the Lake Pointe / Fifty Point West community. When she is not working she is enjoying time with her husband, son and long walks around the neighborhood with their dog Marlowe.

Client Testimonials for Shelley...

...Thank you doesn't seem to be enough...

""Thank you doesn't seem to be enough for all the help Shelley has given me through this whole "House Buying" process. The support you gave me helped me be confident and make good decisions while trying to find a home that was perfect for me. I wouldn’t have been able to get through the process without your sensitive nature and kind heart... And your vast knowledge on all things Real Estate! Judith was right, you are an amazing woman and fantastic realtor. I can’t thank you enough!""

- Michelle, Binbrook

...Thank you for helping and guiding us through this next chapter in my family's life and adventures...

"Hello Martin

I realize you know the absolute gold you have in Shelley Baker-Gracie and Nancy Mungar but I want to personally tell you...they are far more precious and amazing than gold. Shelley has been a close family friend from the moment we moved to Lakepointe (helping us buy our Lakepointe home 12 years). When she suggested that now was the time to take the gains we had in our home and begin a new chapter we were all equal parts excited, indecisive, terrified and anxious. Shelley introduced us to Nancy and said that they would both work to help us 'do this'. Nancy's kindness and sensitivity immediately connected with Rebecca and I and it helped us through the emotional process of selling our home.
Logically I knew selling in this market and moving on to the next adventure was right, but my heart was really struggling with the decision. Shelley and Nancy read the situation with compassion and complete empathy and helped us along the path each and every step. Now I know they both say they do all of this for their clients...and I really do appreciate that (being in sales myself) but the personal friendship and protection that both ladies surrounded my family with to make sure we got the maximum dollars from our home AND the tireless effort they went to get us the ONLY home of the many many homes Nancy showed us that we all as a family feel in love with.
Martin, the most successful sales people out there are the ones that turn clients into dear friends that you would protect with everything you have. My family and I consider Shelley and Nancy dear friends. Did you know that both of them went to the offer presentation last Monday night and conducted a negotiation effort that could be offered as a Rotman school of business case study. AND when it can down to the final bid where we presented our walk away # knowing we would be slightly short...they did something I would never have expected and they invested in our family. I'll let them tell you the story. Suffice to say it brought me to tears when I heard about it. (It still does)
All in all, we sold our home ( which I always thought would never happen). We found our dream forever home, our financial picture is healthier and we gain a new friend in Nancy Mungar. Shelley and Scott have been part of our lives for years and will be for years and years to come.
So there you have it Martin. Treat those ladies like queens because what they do for their clients (who become friends I'm sure) is something that is not common in sales these days. Rebecca and I are and will always be raving fans of the Mazza team and of course our friends Shelley and Nancy.
Thank you for helping and guiding us through this next chapter in my family's life and adventures.

With love and gratitude,
The Mullin family."

- The Mullins Family, Stoney Creek

...Actions speak louder than words...

"Patty and I wish to say thank you for all your help selling our home. We have lived there for 17 years and I have very mixed feelings about leaving it but it is just too big for us now. We are moving to a much smaller house and thanks to you and your team of people (that seem to be everywhere) it all went very well.

For anyone selling a home I have to say that dealing with you made this process much easier because all we had to do was listen and react to the advice. I’m going to give Patty and I a little credit because we were smart enough to just listen to an expert. You really know what you’re doing and frankly you are easy to trust. You just have a way about you.

All the best to you Shelley and all the people that you brought to us to get our home sold. We will be starting a new life and never want to lose contact with you. We hope to make our new house a home like this one has been for so long.

Have a great summer and we will look forward to seeing you again in the near future"

- Patty and Murray, Stoney Creek

...The whole team who worked so hard on this......

"I wanted to send my deep thanks to all of you who helped my father, Thomas Delaney on the sale of his home. I, as his daughter have been through this trying process with him since the beginning. I cannot express enough my gratitude for all that you have done to make this as easy as possible for him. With the special circumstances that surrounded this was hard on him, and this really needed to handled with kid gloves, and just wanted you all to know that I am so very thankful. My father is my best friend, and I have shared in this change in his life, with all your support and understanding, it has made it much easier for him, from start to finish. Shelley was very understanding, comforting, as well as made this an easy transition. The whole team who worked so hard on this, I thank you all with all of my heart."

- Stephanie, Burlington

...My highest recommendations...

""I am writing to give Shelley Baker-Gracie my highest recommendation. She possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent agent: she knows the Lakepointe market extremely well; she is diligent, and yet very patient with her clients. More importantly, she is both very professional and personable. She clearly takes pride in doing a good job and taking care of her clients every step of the way. In our particular case, there were many rough spots along the road to closing and in every instance she was a great help. It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than her or being anything but happy in choosing to work with her, Shelley’s tremendous “grasp” of the market and her intuitive feeling to what a house is really worth and how well it will sell… is almost unparalleled. She is always up to date on the market which helps in buying or selling a home. We believe Shelley has that perfect balance of knowledge, drive and enthusiasm that will get the job done for you to your complete satisfaction! Thanks Shelley for all your hard work and patience.""

- Domenic & Tracey, Stoney Creek

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